When we thought of basements in the past, the first images that came to mind were wet, gloomy, and isolated spaces that no one wanted to enter. We just used these spaces to store items.

Today, though, basements play a different part in our lives.

In other words, they have evolved into multipurpose living areas. They serve as second bedrooms, reading rooms, exercise rooms, hobby rooms, and independent apartments.

Yes, basements can develop into all of these things.

If you want to renovate your basement, you should hire professionals. We at Rainbow Angels Home INC provide basement remodeling in Vancouver. We are a professional repair and construction company having over forty years of experience.

Unfortunately, many people try to do it themselves and end up ruining it. So before you get your tools, read this.

  • Not caring about moisture

The likelihood is that if your home is older and your basement lacks adequate moisture protection, it has already made its way inside. Mold grows from wet walls and floors, which also weakens the foundation. Nevertheless, a lot of people proceed with their refurbishment while avoiding wetness.

One of the most typical basement remodeling errors is this one! Try avoiding this.

If you want a safe and healthy home, get rid of moisture and stop it from getting into your basement. Fixing foundation cracks must be done beforehand.

  • Avoiding the Use of Experts for Complex Tasks

There is a reason why professionals are hired. They are experienced people who guarantee that challenging situations are handled with all necessary consideration.

Electricians are specialists in electricity, plumbers are experts in plumbing, and welders are experts in welding! So, if something requires expertise, don’t attempt to DIY it!

For assistance with your basement finishing job in Vancouver, contact Rainbow Angels Home INC.

  • Ignoring the Use of Windows

Some types of windows are common in basements. Because they are terrified of pests creeping or water pouring inside, people always cover them and never open them.

That is the incorrect strategy!

By placing some mesh or a barrier wall outside, you can use your basement windows without worrying about these. You should install some if your basement doesn’t have windows. Make every effort to incorporate natural lighting into your basement since it makes every room look better.

  • Failing to check the building codes

The difference between building permits and building codes often needs to be understood. By disregarding building codes, you endanger both yourself and your home!

Many things can go wrong if the house isn’t built following building codes. For instance, you might cause a fire or flood that causes extensive and expensive damage, causing the foundation to crack, or you might do the worst possible thing and hurt yourself and those around you.

To avoid this, get expert help at Rainbow Angels Home INC. We will provide the best basement remodeling for your homes in Vancouver.

  • No soundproofing and insulating

Not insulating and soundproofing your basement is a severe mistake to avoid while renovating.

You may make your basement soundproof by insulating it, which means that neither what you do in the basement nor what is done upstairs can be heard. You may believe that doing this is unnecessary and that you won’t mind the noise, but trust us when we say that once you start hearing all those loud footfalls, you will wish you had insulated those basement walls much sooner.

These are only a few of the basement renovation blunders to avoid.

For assistance, visit us at Rainbow Angels Home INC for proper basement finishing in Vancouver!

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