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Home Addition

Families grow and change over time

Sometimes, this means they even have outgrown their house. That’s where we come in. Rainbow Angels Home INC is the trusted choice for house additions. Our passion is building people’s dream homes, so if you love where you are but need more space, let us build your house addition.

Some families move when they run out of space. Moving can be extremely costly and often results in a school change for kids. With a house addition, families can remain where they are. You can create the space your family needs without the hassle of moving.

House Addition Builders

Running out of space in your existing house? Don’t spend lots of money and energy looking for a new home with the extra space. Call Rainbow Angels Home for a consultation about building a new addition to your house.

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Client Focus

Of course, you can always add additional living spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, or even an in-law suite. Even if your current house doesn’t fit your needs forever, house additions add a lot of value and will make it easier to sell down the road.

What’s Included with Your House Addition: