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996 East 33rd Avenue Vancouver, BC CANADA V5V3A6


We have the qualified, verified garage construction experts with specific experience in these areas to help you realize your dream garage. We will take away the burden of having to find them yourself while you focus on your vision for the dream garage you’ve always wanted


  • We provide a full set of architectural drawings.
  • We provide a building permit.
  • If you are missing a property survey, we can provide one for you.
  • If the garage falls within the “tree protection zone” we will make an application on your behalf to Vancouver Parks, Forestry and Recreation for a clearance certificate.
  • If you need to file an application to the committee of adjustments for a minor building variance we can look after the paper work and represent you before the committee.
  • We are familiar with all city of Vancouver building codes and By laws as they relate to property lines, lot coverages, setbacks and garages.