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996 East 33rd Avenue Vancouver, BC CANADA V5V3A6


Rainbow Angels Home Services Renovation and Construction Company did a wonderful job updating my Bath room and installed engineering floor area! And painting from the beginning of our project, Moe and his staff were courteous and well prepared to meet our home improvement needs. The workmanship and creative touches that Rainbow Angels Renovation and Construction provided made our dreams into reality. We highly recommend Moe and the staff at Rainbow Angels Home For any of your home improvement needs.

Mr: Naren Dra Singh

I found Moe from Rainbow Angels Home Services, to be an effective and honorable organization with an ethical, Honest & sound practical approach. Their attention to detail, openness and sensitivity enabled us to establish both a sense of trust and a solid communication process. I have used this company to built fair Exit for my building and exterior painting and landscaping,

Moe keeps its word, and to us this was important. Our experience with (Rainbow Angels) was uniformly positive and I would use them again on any project, large or small.

Take Care,

Mrs: Rein Holds.

To whom it my concern,

I have Known Moe and his company Rainbow Angels Home Services For over 4 years, he is a Great business Man & Trades man with a best knowledge on various aspects in the constriction & Renovation field, As a property owner and including owning several rental property, I Have dealt with many trades people for over decade and have found Moe to be the best, He has understand the most Challenging Tasks that many other trades people will not touch, he is Great to work with and has a Vision on improving as constructing something from such as his work comes with great workmanship and you can definitely get a product much better then what you expect and pay for, I will recommend Moe and his company Rainbow Angels Home to any one,

Take care,

T.Mann , 5458 Prince Albert Street , Vancouver B.C Canada

I had to write a thank you for the wonderful job you and your company (Rainbow angel’s home services) did on our homes renovation and repairs, building decks for several new homes. We all love the space; especially we get numerous compliments from visitors. We were quite impressed with your timeliness, professionalism, and the sense of pride in your work. We could tell you really did care how the project turned out. Our neighbors specifically commented on how well scheduled and timed everything was as they watched workmen come and go from our driveway, as well as how courteous and friendly everyone was. We were so lucky to have picked Moe four our first large renovation project. We look forward to contacting you in the future We would not hesitate to recommend you in the future, and, in fact, already have.


Ahmad from (Oak Land Construction.)

Thank you Moe for everything you and your Company did to make the Plumbing rough and finish replacement facets in kitchen and bathrooms And some repairs and renovation around my house successful. Owners and neighbors alike have commented about how well the Plumbing looks, now. Later this year, we expect to solicit bids for cleaning and staining the wooden back porches and painting / replacing the metal front porch railing and step risers. I will contact you when I have the project specifics. Best wishes for a Rainbow angels and prosperous construction season.

Take Care

Kate Smolina

5285 Windsor Street, Vancouver B.C

Thank you for the excellent work you did on our office. During the Whole process you kept us well informed of what needed to be done and what it would cost, this enabled us to make good decisions. The work was carried out quickly and efficiently with very little mess and muddle. We are delighted with the results. I have hired Moe from Rainbow angel’s home services to do some renovation for my office, to do leveling the concrete floor, and some carpentry work; it was an excellent work,

Glenn & Pepi Kotsalis.

1688 - 57 street, Tsawwassen, B.C

I met Moe when he was doing renovations for my neighbor. Out of curiosity, I requested my neighbor to let me see the work that was done to his basement. I was very impressed with his workmanship and so contracted him to re-build my garage. He did a good job and in good time unlike many other contractors who take much more time than estimated as they often work on a few jobs simultaneously. Subsequently, I got him to do some smaller jobs around my house and he was very obliging. Recently, the kitchen faucet in the condo suite I owned, had a leakage that caused significant damage to the ceiling of the suite one floor below. Moe responded to my call immediately and went with me to see the damage and gave me an estimate.

I could have let my home insurance to deal with the situation. However, that would mean I lose the claim-free discount and begin to pay more premiums during renewal. In addition, my past experience with insurance claims had not been very pleasant. The contractors they hired were dragging their feet and our family was left without the use of a significant part of our home for months.

Dreading that might happen to those very nice ladies of the damaged suite, who really would like everything completed long before Christmas, I decided to let Moe do the job rather than claim insurance. He completed the work in 3 days and the ladies were so pleased with him that they had gotten him to do other work in their suite. Furthermore, they have already contracted him to re-finish their wood floor damaged by their tenants prior to their occupying the suite: a very major undertaking to be taken place when they leave for vacationing Europe for two months.

I highly recommend Moe of Rainbow Home Builders Inc. to anyone who is considering construction, renovation or repair work. He has great work ethics and best of all, he charges very reasonable rates.

Laura Blumenthal

4549 Windsor Street, Vancouver B . C